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5 Easy Ways To Update A Kid’s Bedroom For Winter

Now the weather has turned colder I have been updating the kids’ bedrooms for Winter. I want to make their bedrooms warm and cosy so they are snug when they go to bed on the long Winter’s nights. I like some easy ways to redecorate for a new season which won’t break the budget and will be easy to change when Spring starts to appear.

1. Warm duvet

This is definitely the most important one. Warm bedding makes such a difference in the Winter. We keep a warmer tog duvet and get it down as the temperature drops. We also find the patchwork quilt to go on top of the bed to add another layer. We’re lucky as my mum made some lovely patchwork quilts a few years ago and they are my favourite home accessories.

2. Lighting

One of the reasons we can’t wait for Christmas is because it means the days will start to get longer. The dark nights mean you need something bright and cheerful. You can get some lovely children’s bedroom furniture such as this cute penguin lamp which will update a room and make it seem warm and inviting.

3. Cosy Cushions

Children love soft fluffy cushions to snuggle up to. You can buy cushions in different shapes for very little. You can get most popular characters from film and TV shows and the good thing is you can change them whenever they move onto a new favourite show. It is much cheaper than having to redecorate the whole room.

4. Hot Water Bottle

If the night is chilly then a hot water bottle really helps children feel snuggly and warm when they go to bed. You can get such fun shapes and match it to the theme of the room, in our case penguins. Just be careful when filling them and don’t use hot water.

5. Pile of books

For me, no bedroom is complete without a large stack of books to read. You have so much time in the evening in Winter that it is the perfect time to catch up with some reading. Our favourite Winter themed books are A Boy called Christmas by Matt Haig, Snowglobe by Amy Wilson and The Snow Sister by Emma Carroll, perfect winter reading.

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