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Activities You Need to Avoid After Rhinoplasty Surgery

Have you or someone you know recently undergone rhinoplasty surgery? Or perhaps you’re considering having a nose job to correct the shape or the size of your nose for aesthetic or medical reasons. Finding a good rhinoplasty surgeon doesn’t just mean better results, but it also makes the recovery process much easier. You’ll still be required to have at least 2 weeks off work, and rest as much as possible.

But did you know that there are multiple activities that you must avoid when you’re recovering from rhinoplasty? Participating in any of the following activities post-procedure can hinder your recovery time and even have a negative impact on the results of your surgery. Let’s explore the activities you must avoid after rhinoplasty surgery.    

Blowing Your Nose

It’s one of the most natural urges in the world! But blowing your nose after rhinoplasty can cause serious damage to your nose, cause damage and put you at risk of serious bleeding. Unfortunately, coughs, colds and the flu can often catch us by surprise, therefore patients should be proactive in avoiding individuals who are sick, wash their hands regularly and keep those germs at bay!

Wearing Glasses

Even wearing glasses after rhinoplasty surgery can have a detrimental impact on your recovery and your results. As glasses rest on the bridge of your nose, you could unintentionally dent the softened cartilage and tissue that has been recently disturbed. So, while you’re healing try wearing contact lenses instead!

High Impact Exercising and Strenuous Activities

We all want to stay fit and healthy and moving our bodies is only natural. However, after rhinoplasty surgery, high impact exercise and other strenuous activities such as weightlifting, jogging or anything rigorous can cause damage to your nose and impact your results. These activities put you at risk of more swelling, bleeding, shifting of the bones and even putting yourself at risk of breakage. Keep exercise to nothing more than a gentle walk.

Lying Flat

What’s your favourite sleeping position? If it’s lying flat on your back, then you need to adopt a new resting angle. Lying flat on your back puts the heart at the same level as the heart, which means an increased level of blood flow to the face, which in turn will lead to excessive bleeding, pain and excessive swelling. After surgery, you’ll be asked to sleep in an inclined position to keep blood flow to your face reduced.

Wearing Makeup

While wearing makeup might seem like the perfect solution to hide all that excessive swelling and bruising, it’s important that you don’t cover your face in makeup just yet. Creams, powders and other products can easily get into your healing skin and the incisions, putting you at risk of a major infection.

In Conclusion

When recovering from rhinoplasty, you must stay in touch with your surgeon and listen very carefully to your aftercare and post-procedure instructions. If you have any concerns you should reach out to your medical team as soon as possible. 

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