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Activities for Preschoolers

This is my list of activities for preschoolers aged 2-3 – although they can be adapted for older children. It can be hard to plan activities for this age group. Toddlers have a short attention span and can be frustratingly capricious. An activity they loved one day can meet with stubborn resistance the next. You can take ages setting up something really fun only to find they play with the packaging instead.

Because of this, I prefer activities which are quick to set up and pack away. Which are visually enticing. Which I can use more than once if they like them. I like to link to a story or a song if I can.

Fun crafts and learning activities for 2-3 year olds

So these are the activities for preschoolers which have proved the biggest hit with my two incredibly strong-minded and opinionated toddlers.

The Gruffalo Activity

One of the biggest developments for my toddlers this year has been a move from baby books to picture books. The Gruffalo is a big favourite and this craft activity brought he story to life.

gruffalo craft

The very Hungry Caterpillar Threading 

Another favourite book is The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The girls enjoyed threading their caterpillar through the leaf and didn’t realise they were actually improving their fine motor skills.

the very hungry caterpillar

Chicka Chicka 1 2 3

This was a new book for me but I loved the strong colours of the illustrations and the fun way of learning numbers.

Chicka chicka trees
Making Chicka chicka trees

Teddy Bear Tea Party

Hands down this was the twins favourite role play activity over the year. Their teddies really do appreciate a good cuppa.

twins tea party

Teddy bear thank you cards

It’s not too early to encourage gratitude. These simple thank you cards were a great way to say thanks for all the 2nd birthday presents.

handmade cards for toddlers

 Counting With Play dough Flowers

play dough

 Play dough is so much fun. This is a simple way t practice counting skills and number recognition.

Teddy bear books

Hook a Duck Number Games

Another fun way to learn numbers with a hook a duck game.

Hook a duck number games

Cardboard box train

There is no toy better than a cardboard box. These nappy boxes made great trains for the twins teddies and provided hours of fun.

Cardboard box train

Heart Window Decorations

A good activity for learning colours which produces a stunning stained glass window effect.

Valentines crafts

Hide and Seek

Finally not a tutorial but a really cute video of the twins playing hide and seek – something they could do for hours on end!

Hide and seek

Also check out these round ups of activities for preschoolers taken from The Sunday Showcase.

Toddler Activities


Imaginative Play Ideas

imaginative play

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