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A Night in the Lookout Lodge at Whipsnade Zoo

A couple of weeks ago we were invited to stay overnight at Whipsnade Zoo with Frubes. We were challenged to find who had stolen the new banana flavoured Frubes in a twilight hunt around the zoo. We eventually discovered it was those cheeky Minions. You can read all about our Frubes Sleepover here.


After our Midnight adventure, we slept the night in one of the Lookout Lodges. This is an experience anyone can book and I can totally recommend it. As well as a lovely evening of moonlit walks around the park you wake up to find wallaby’s and rhinos are your neighbours. In the night I woke to hear the distant roar of lions. It was a magical adventure. IMG_2223

Although the lodges are small, they were really comfy and we had a great nights sleep. In the morning, we took a ride to our breakfast and spotted lots of animals on the way. They felt like old friends.IMG_2228

This was the truck we took our tour in as part of the Overnight Experience at the Lookout Lodge.
We toured with the friendly zoo keepers and gave the animals their breakfast before the rest of the visitors arrived.

We fed the wild pigs an assortment of vegetables.

They looked pretty hungry!

Then we fed a trio of bears.

Rose decided she would take the pictures from then on. Maybe she needs her own blog.

We were really looking forward to seeing the penguins. They have a beautiful area which looks like an exclusive spa. You could get pretty close to them.


I’m pretty sure he’s saying “Give me fish.”

The girls really enjoyed the whole experience and they loved seeing the animals in the morning before anyone was there.

After that, we had the rest of the day to explore the zoo. Luckily we had lots of Frubes to eat for whenever we needed a pick-me-up. Summer holidays can be very tiring.

We saw lots of other animals. The girls like the cute pygmy hippos and the giraffes the best.

It was a lovely couple of days and one we will remember for a long time. I thought Whipsnade zoo as really beautiful and one we will definitely be visiting again. It was lovely seeing the animals so well cared for. They had lots of space but at the same time you could get really close to them. There was so much to do and we could have easily filled another day with the things the girls wanted to do.


Find details here of the Lookout Lodge sleepover experience at Whipsnade  This is available from late March until October and costs £378 for a family of four, including tours, meals, and a two-day entry pass to the zoo, with access for vehicles.

Disclaimer: We given a family tour for the purposes of this review. 

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