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A Grown Up Sanctuary

Is it too much to ask to have a space to  myself? A sanctuary of calm and relaxation. An adult space free of clutter and toys where no child is allowed. Where things stay in their place and are not covered in a thin sprinkling of cheerios and glitter. Don’t I deserve that as a mother of three young children?

Of course I do. We all do. I doubt it’s just me who has their needs at the bottom of the list. I doubt very much I’m the only parent who has never had their bedroom decorated.Who has a mismatch of cheap, falling apart furniture and crumbling walls.

Which is why I so desperately want to redecorate the master bedroom and create a sanctuary of calm to escape to. I’m happy to abandon downstairs to the children – I will sacrifice any sort of order down there. To be honest I’ve given up any pretence of order. With three girls under six, there is no chance of a tidy house anyway. It’s like shovelling snow in a blizzard or brushing your teeth while eating a donut. No – they can have the downstairs as long as I can have one place which remains sacrosanct.

So here is my design brief:

  • calm cool colours
  • grown up
  • modern
  • clutter free
  • clever storage

There is only one possible way I could present my ideas. If you’ve ever read my blog you will realise I am a fan of making things out of a cardboard box and a load of duct tape. So far we’ve made trains, cars, fairy castles and even a canoe. I picture myself as a bit of a Blue Peter presenter – but worry that the reality is more Archie the Inventor from Balamory.

A cardboard box dolls house with a stunning master bedroom was the most creative way I could show what I would do to my bedroom in my dreams.

Here is my design for a grown up master bedroom. Hopefully it wouldn’t actually be made of cardboard or be situated next to a giant pink bunny rabbit, but hey – I’m not that fussy. Also I’d rather the floor didn’t sag in the middle.

As you can see the rest of the house needs a bit of work too!

As you can see the design is cool, clean and modern with calming colours. It is completely clutter free. A place I can unwind after a busy day of twin toddler tantrums tantrums. I want somewhere I can relax and drink tea and read as well as do a bit of sneaky blogging of course!

I would love a feature wall in soothing blue-grey wallpaper and a stencil saying “sleep” – my favourite thing in the world! A few pictures of the girls are obligatory.

The one thing we have done recently is get new windows. This is because a family of birds nested in the fascia and broke it – this could only happen to me I’m sure! We have a large bay window in our room so it would be lovely to have a custom made window seat with some storage for books underneath. I would love thick grey curtains to keep out the light on those few and far between lie ins.

Wardrobes,Under bed storage

The main thing we need is storage. We have a double wardrobe, which is falling apart, a bookshelf stuffed with books, and chest of drawers with no fronts. It would be lovely to have clever storage to hide everything away and keep the room clutter free. I love books and a wall-to-wall bookcase would keep my collection tidy and look pretty too. I would like wall to ceiling wardrobes then everything can be put away and under-bed storage for all those sheets and duvet covers.

I’m not asking much really!

Here are my little twin helpers who were very keen to assist me in the decoration of my cardboard master bedroom. They didn’t quite get the hang of the fact it’s a dolls house and not for them to get in! Oh well – the other requirement for my master bedroom would be a very sturdy lock!

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