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A different way to lighten the load this summer

Laundry heap
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With summer approaching we all go into overdrive when it comes to scheduling the holiday period.
It doesn’t matter if you are working parents or not, trying to entertain children for 6 weeks or more can be tough. The one thing all parents tell me they wish they had more of is time; time to spend with their children, time to spend with their partner, time to do the chores, time to pursue a hobby, time to sleep, time to care for themselves. Finding time to do all these things is even harder during the summer.

So here’s an idea, someone else does your laundry? Sounds great doesn’t it! ‘But that is just too expensive for someone like me’, I hear you say, or ‘they only cover the major cities and would never come to our little village’. Well what if told you that it can be both affordable and covers all most all of the UK? The answer is Laundryheap.

When I first heard of Laundryheap I too was sceptical, about the price, convenience and services they provide. They offer a range of services including washing, drying and ironing. They also include dry cleaning services. Even better is that they collect it from your home so you don’t have to travel to drop off or collect your laundry. There is no sorting or counting of the items and turn around is in just 24hours – a lot quicker than I often manage to wash, dry and iron 4 peoples laundry!

So I may have convinced you about the convenience but the affordability may still be the sticking point for you. Whilst laundryheap is not expensive it is an extra cost which in times of rising living costs could feel hard to justify. I totally sympathise, it feels like a luxury that only the rich can afford. However do think about this, some of the cost is offset by the fact that you aren’t paying for the water, electricity or detergent to do all that laundry.

But the main thing to ask yourself though is how importantly do you value YOUR time? How much time do you spend sorting, washing, drying and ironing in an average week? It also has to be factored into your weekly schedule, time during your evenings and weekends can be spent doing laundry. What would you do with that extra time? Play with the children, spend time with your partner, read a book – the options are endless. How much would you pay to get extra time with your family? That time is often priceless. Most of us don’t think about spending money on days out, toys to entertain children, holiday clubs or even a bottle of wine, so why not spend a bit of money to get yourself a bit more time and reduce your stress a little bit too.

The only downside is not all areas are currently covered but they area rapidly expanding their network and if you register they will notify you when your area is covered.

Laundryheap want you to try their service to see for yourself if it is value for money and gives you a little extra time to spend with your family this summer, use this discount code BLOGUSE30 to try it now.
Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Valid only in the UK. Minimum order value is £20. Discount will be deducted from final billing value. Single use only. Valid till 31st August 2022.

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