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9 Awesome Ideas To Make Your Hen Party Memorable 

hen party memorable

A hen party is a significant milestone in the life of a bride-to-be. It is when she gathers her closest friends and family to symbolically say goodbye to her single life. Hen parties can be wild parties full of debauchery and risqué silliness, or they could be chilled out bonding sessions between the bride and those closest to her. Whatever you choose, it is important to make memories that you will cherish for years to come.  

Here are some of our top ideas to help make your hen party a truly memorable one.  

Start Planning Early 

The earlier you start planning, the better. You will need plenty of time to get your hens organised, decide on a location, duration and activities. You will also need to consider whether you want to hand over the organising to one of your friends or handle it all yourself.  

It can make the event extra special if you have no idea what will happen or where you’ll be going, but it can also be important to keep control over certain aspects. It’s best to decide what you’re comfortable with and delegate some things to your most trusted hens.  

Make Personalised Balloons 

Have your hens write messages, advice and well wishes – as well as the occasional naughty joke – on balloons to decorate the party location. All you will need are balloons in whatever shape and colour you prefer and some marker pens. Consider getting some bright sparkly or metallic markers to add a little extra flair.  

Ensure It’s Friendly To All Budgets 

Not all of your guests will have the same budget to spend on your hen party. This is another reason you should plan well in advance, as mentioned above. If you plan to go abroad, keep in mind that it can be costly. Consider cheaper locations or all-inclusive resorts to ensure that everyone can afford what you have in mind. It is essential to discuss this all with your hens ASAP.  

Send Out Cute, Unique Invites 

Set your hen party apart from the mould right from the start by choosing unique or unusual invitations. You could consider sending invitations with a gift like a bottle of bubbly or one of these delectable chocolate bouquets from the Sweet Hamper Company.  

Choosing something out of the ordinary will make your hen party feel super special before it’s even begun, and give your hens some well-deserved pampering.  

Choose Some Unusual Activities 

While it’s perfectly acceptable to do the usual hen party activities – spa, pampering, party games and more – you could consider doing something a little out of the ordinary as well. You could choose something adventurous like going for a group trek on horseback, water-skiing or scuba diving. You could also reconnect with your inner child and go go-karting or visit a grownups’ soft play centre.  

Create Your Own Cocktail 

An excellent way to put your stamp on your hen party is by mixing up your own bespoke hen party cocktail. Make a list of your favourite things to put into cocktails, and start experimenting well before the hen party rolls around. It may help to take some courses in mixology to know what mixers and alcohols go best together.  

You could consider making different bespoke cocktails for various stages of the hen party. For instance, a cocktail you can serve as your hens arrive, one for during a meal and the overall signature party cocktail. It is important to include mocktails as well for those hens who prefer to go alcohol-free.  

Prepare Hangover Survival Kits 

Hen parties don’t have to be boozy events, but they often are. If you’re planning a multi-day hen party, it is vital that you have all you need to recover from any hangovers ASAP. You could prepare hangover kits beforehand and fill them with painkillers, bottled water, eye masks and mouthwash. 

Give Each Hen Her Own Disposable Camera 

Photos are an excellent way to keep memories fresh through the years. We all have cameras on our smartphones, but often we forget to take pictures of the small but special moments that can occur throughout a hen party.  

An excellent way to encourage photo taking is by buying a handful of disposable cameras to give to each hen. Not only is this a novel party piece, but it will also ensure that you have dozens of photos of the weekend taken from multiple perspectives. Of course, you should not expect masterpiece photography from these, but they can make excellent additions to photo colleges or scrapbooks.  

Consider Having A Theme 

Who doesn’t love a bit of fancy dress? If you and your hens thrive on Halloween and fancy-dress parties, you could consider setting a theme for the weekend and let everyone come up with a costume or two for the event. You could also consider coordinating everyone into a collective costume.  

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