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8 Creative Ways To Decorate Your Home With Flowers

8 Creative Ways To Decorate Your Home With Flowers

Over the years, various interior designers have developed more home decorations and accents that influence homeowners in decorating and styling their interiors. But one interior accessory that will never lose its glamour and beauty is flowers. There’s an endless selection of flowers. Hence, there will always be the perfect kind for any part of the house. Whether you’re looking for a flower to add a pleasant fragrance to your room or lift the mood of the place, flowers can make it happen.  

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What’s more, there are also infinite ways to utilize flowers in decorating your home. Nowadays, you no longer have to limit yourself to using flower vases. Here are eight creative ways you can decorate your home with flowers to get you started.  

1. Old Glass Bottles 

Gone are the days when vases and pots are the only acceptable containers for flowers. Now, you can find new resources from your house to be used as a flower vase. For instance, if you have used old glass bottles around your home, don’t dispose of them just yet. Instead, wash them thoroughly and soak them in warm water to remove the bottle labels.  

Once done, you can use them to contain your flowers and place them in any part of the house. You can check out The Bouqs and other nearby flower shops within your area and shop for some single stalks of roses or chrysanthemums to be placed in your glass bottles. You can also add pebbles and seashells inside the glass bottles to add more decoration.  

2. Flower Wall Art 

It’s no doubt that flowers are effortlessly beautiful by themselves. So, besides depending on a pretty vase or colorful put, you can make use of the flowers’ beauty by using them as wall art. For instance, you can take some potted flowers and display them on your wall shelves. Another option is to encase some dried flowers on a picture frame and hang them on a wall in a particular pattern. You can change the flowers any time if you wish for a change of interior scenery. 

3. Hanging Floral Monogram 

Are you tired of having the same wreath on your door? Update the look and vibe of your entryway by displaying a hanging floral monogram at your door. This option may require you to channel your DIY skills. You can start by taking out some of your favorite flowers and plants and arranging them in any particular letter you prefer. Make sure to keep them together by using hot glue to paste them on hard cardboard. If DIY is not your thing, you can always have one made at a flower shop.  

4. Birdcage Flower bed 

If you got an old birdcage lying somewhere in your backyard or garage, it’s time to revamp it and use it to create a flower bed. If you don’t have one, you can always buy a birdcage at an affordable price from the market. You can then clean up the birdcage, prepare it for growing creepers with flowers, and redirect them to grow along the rails. Or you can simply place a vase filled with flowers inside the cage and hang it somewhere around the house for an easier alternative.

5. Knitted Vase 

Just because there are many alternatives you can use instead of the usual plain flower vases doesn’t mean you’ll need to get rid of them completely. If you’re a skilled knitter, use this talent to upgrade your current vases by knitting covers for them. Use a neutral-colored yarn that complements the room’s color scheme and the flowers you’re planning to place.

6. Teapot Flowers 

Are you looking for a unique way to spruce up your dining table or give your kitchen a makeover? Instead of the typical flower vases, you can use old teapots to contain your flowers and display them on the center table or the kitchen countertop. Preferably, use teapots with simple or plain designs to avoid them from clashing the colors of your flower arrangements.  

7. Strung-Up Flowers 

You can also decorate your ceiling with flowers by displaying strung-up flowers. To do this, you only need to use a rope that’s strong enough to carry the flower pot. You may punch a hole on the opposite sides of the flower pot, put the string inside and tie both ends to secure them. The beauty of this flower decoration is that you can move and transfer it anywhere you want. 

8. Eggshell Vases 

Repurpose those eggshells by using them as miniature flower vases. Clean up every eggshell and gather them together on a stylish plate. Then, place one flower in each eggshell, and you can also surround them with other decorations like pebbles, green twigs, or seashells. Once done, you can display your miniature eggshell flower vases at the center of your dining table or coffee table.   

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Wrapping Up 

Flowers can easily add value to your home. They brighten up your home’s atmosphere, add visually appealing colors, and improve your moods. So, pick up one or more tips from this list and apply them in decorating your home with these fragrant blossoms.  

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