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7 Ways To Reuse Things Your Kids Have Outgrown 

Sorting clothes for outgrown children
Sorting clothes for outgrown children

When you declutter your home or hold a general cleaning session, you may realize that many items of your kids are outgrown or no longer in use. Instead of throwing them away and contributing more to the landfill, there are wiser ways to make them valuable again. After all, there are treasures in one’s garbage, as they say.   

Now that your baby has grown up, some things might be harder to let go of, considering how they come with the most amazing memories in your life. But if you’re also worried that hoarding them can only result in more clutter, repurposing them can be a great solution. You can recreate them into other things that will serve a purpose for your grown-up child or the house.     

Donate To Charity  

That said, here are practical ways to reuse the things that your kids have outgrown:  

This first way is prevalent among parents. Nothing feels more satisfying than donating your kids’ items to those who need them more. Depending on the purpose of the charity, your baby items can benefit the less fortunate kids of other cities and countries. There are more unfortunate kids than you expect, and they need clothes to keep them warm. There are orphanages and underdeveloped areas, especially in third-world countries, where many of these children live. You will not only be able to create extra space in your home, but you will also be able to provide comfortable clothing for children in need. It can give you fulfillment knowing that other kids can reuse your kids’ outgrown clothes and other belongings.     

As for their toys and sports stuff, there is a charity for sports equipment donation too. It is a convenient way to discard bulky clutter around your home without feeling guilty. Not to mention, it’s the most eco-friendly way, knowing that they won’t harm the planet. Kids need clothes, toys, and other things to make their lives comfortable and happy. You can help the less unfortunate children by donating the items your kids have outgrown.  

The key here is to go through your kids’ old stuff and segregate the things that need to go to donations. Sort them into different boxes with labels. You don’t have to feel guilty about keeping some other stuff, especially if it holds sentimental value.   

Create A Quilt From Baby Clothes  

Some practical and creative mothers make a quilt using their baby’s old clothes. It is the perfect way to reuse old baby clothes and retain all the beautiful memories you spent caring for your child in their earlier years. You could even gift it to your child when they grow up, instead of buying them expensive gifts on their birthday. Your grown child will likely feel nostalgic and touched by this gift idea.   

Old baby cloths

The truth about baby clothes is that they are usually only worn a few times before your baby outgrows them. It means these clothes can still be in their almost-new condition after use. It would be a waste to throw them out, so creating a quilt is a better idea. It can become a precious keepsake that holds many stories and memories. With some creativity, art skills, and sewing talents, you can create a quilt on your own.     

Reuse Baby Food Jars As Storage  

Manufacturers usually pack baby foods in jars. If you’ve collected them all through the years, it’s time to give them a different purpose. Since they typically come in glass materials, easy to clean and store, you can use them as storage containers. The best place to use them is in the kitchen, where you have many herbs and granule ingredients that warrant some empty jars.   

These storage containers are reusable and stackable. You can print out sticker labels and display them on the counters near the stovetop to elevate their look. This tip is a great way to reuse your baby’s food jars and save the environment simultaneously.  

Repurpose A Baby Crib Into An Outdoor Furniture  

If your baby’s crib is still sitting idly in the garage and is only accumulating space, now would be the perfect time to repurpose it. Throwing it out should never be an option as there are many creative ways to repurpose them. You can make cribs into all kinds of furniture. If you have a patio or yard, you can remodel your baby’s old crib into outdoor furniture.  

Just carve your baby’s wooden crib into a chair or sofa. With some carpentry and painting skills, you can surely recreate it into something even more helpful. Add some cushions to it, and choose a paint color that will fit your home’s exterior color palette. Your entire family can use this refreshed furniture for the longest time while maintaining all the memories that come with it.    

Use Baby Bottles As Garden Decors  

If you have baby bottles in your garage and kitchen cabinets, it’s time to let them go, but not in the garbage. You can reuse them and turn them into valuable items. One great idea is to turn them into garden decors—Plant small flowers or ornamental plants in these containers after filling them with water and soil. Paint them with vibrant colors and designs to make colorful, eye-catching mini vases.  

You will need to be crafty when partaking in this activity. It’s effortless to do, and you can even let the rest of the family help you. Since these milk bottles usually come with sturdy plastic material, you can rest assured that they’ll last long to accommodate your garden needs.   

Use Old And Worn Baby Clothes To Reusable Cleaning Rags  

Another wise way to reuse your overgrown baby clothes is by turning them into rags. Stop using paper towels and help save the environment through this practical step. After you’ve segregated all the baby stuff, you probably have collected some clothes too worn out to be donated or turned into a quilt. So, instead of throwing them in the trash, you can turn them into cleaning rags.  

In general, cotton clothes do a great job absorbing liquids and cleaning. There are various ways to reuse these clothes in rags. One easy way is to cut them according to shapes and forms that make them easy to use to wipe off surfaces. Another way is to cut them in rectangles so you can form them into a duster. Just sew them all together and attach them to a wooden stick as a handle to the duster.   

Repurpose Kids’ Toys As Wall Decors  

There are many home décor tips online, and personalization is one of them. If you still have some of your kid’s unused toys lurking around the house, it’s time to repurpose them. You can devise a wall decor project using these toys. Whether your kid has outgrown bikes, skateboards, balls, or trinkets, you can have them framed or find a hanging shelf to store them in as wall decors. You’ll be surprised at how these knick-knacks can look good on your plain walls so long as you organize them well.     


As a parent, it can be challenging to let go of everything your baby has outgrown. After all, they come with beautiful memories. Fortunately, the ideas above will help you reuse them without feeling guilty. Just use your creativity to create a beautiful home with these items!   

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