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7 Things To Pack on a Vacation With Children

According to recent studies, nearly 40% of Americans take family vacations each year. Traveling with children can be one of the most enjoyable times that families have together. Going on trips as a whole family allows everyone to create unforgettable memories that they can laugh about together later.  

While traveling and vacationing with children can be one of the best experiences a family can have, it can also be one of the most difficult adventures that a family has. Children are unpredictable, and the things that they will want to do and the things that they will get into on a trip are often unforeseen. If you want to pack for every situation, here are some of the things you should definitely pack with you on your next vacation with children. 

#1) Bandages 

Children are bound to get hurt on vacation and need a bandage. Hopefully, it will just be a small fall that requires a bandage, but no matter what the situation, you should always be prepared. Packing bandages, that you can purchase at medical supplies stores, allows you to not only be prepared, but it also prevents you and your family from needing to stop the fun to find one. You can avoid having to visit the hotel’s front desk or going to the closest store to get a bandage if you have one already packed in your purse, backpack, or suitcase. 

#2) Children’s Medications 

If your children require any medicine, it is crucial that you bring this with you. Forgetting this could result in you needing to cancel your vacation or having to jump through hoops to get the medication that you need. 

#3) Ziploc Bags 

One of the best ways to pack your belongings is in Ziploc bags. Using Ziploc bags to pack your clothes for each day can help give your kids more independence and can keep all of your belongings organized. Using Ziploc bags also ensures that you have these bags readily available during your vacation. These bags can come in handy if you and your family plan on visiting the beach, theme parks, or water parks. You can use these bags to secure your valuables and keep them from getting water damaged. 

#4) Car Reservations 

You should always travel prepared with premade car reservations. Having previously made reservations and traveling with the confirmation number can ensure that you and your family will not have to wait around for hours for a car or rely on public transportation to get where you need to go. Children like to stick to a routine and ensuring that they do not have to wait around for a car can make the entire vacation much more enjoyable. You could even make it a real occasion and rent a party bus to Amarillo

#5) Sunscreen 

Depending on where you are traveling and what time of year you are going can affect if you will need sunscreen or not. If you are going somewhere warm in the summer months, you should always remember sunscreen. However, even a ski vacation will require some sunscreen for the face. Keeping your children safe from the sun can make the entire vacation more fun. You will not have to worry about sunburn or other side effects of too much sun. family at beach by waves

#6) Ponchos 

Ponchos are a great and inexpensive item to pack in your suitcase. They are very affordable and typically cost less than a dollar if you purchase them at a traditional store. If you wait to buy these on vacation when it is already raining, you may need to pay over twenty dollars per poncho. Packing them in your suitcase can save you a lot of money and can also keep you and your family dry and having fun. They are an easy way to keep you and your family dry. They take up much less space than an umbrella and can easily be taken anywhere you and your family may go. 

#7) Doctor Phone Numbers 

Most parents have their doctor’s phone numbers already saved in their phones; however, if you are going on a family vacation, you should have this number and other important numbers written down somewhere safe. Keeping a paper copy of these numbers can ensure that you have them if you need them in case of an emergency. 

If you are vacationing with children you should definitely bring these items with you to keep the family fun going and going. 


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