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7 Japanese Candies You Must Try 

Pureral Gummy Japanese Candy

Japan-based cuisine has been taking the world by storm for the past decade, with some of their popular foods, drinks, and snacks becoming regular menu items in many restaurants across the globe. A new frenzy now focuses on Japanese candy, as many people are now developing a sweet tooth for exotic brands. 

So, I know you’re wondering where to start, not to worry, although there are several different brands of Japanese Candy, here are a few options that are a “must try” for you. 

Pureral Gummy

Although not quite as popular as other brands on this list, this cube-shape candy is made from real fruit extract. What is perhaps more fascinating is the fact that manufacturers at KABAYA have been able to maintain the candies in a way that conserves the texture of the actual fruit they are made from. 

These gummies give you a flavorful feeling, and a mouthful of soft, delicious candy heaven. Worth a try. 


Next on the list is the Hi-Chew. Again, here you get up to 170 different flavors to play with and is also fruit-flavored. This candy has made rounds around the globe, and is on a mainstream list of some of the readily available candies in western markets. Most people root for strawberry, apple, orange, and grape. These are the ones that have established themselves as the most popular, but if you are feeling a little adventurous, then you can always go for some of the other 100+ flavors on offer. 

KIT-KAT Mini Matcha

You’re probably already aware of the Matcha green tea frenzy that has swept over the globe quite recently, so it’s only natural that matcha based candies will follow suit. Perhaps the most popular on this list, the kit-kat matcha taste contained in this candy is unique and flavorful. 

What you get here is just a hint of that great matcha tea flavor, blended with a mix of delicious milk chocolate. It is fast becoming a fan favorite, and is one of the Japanese candies that should be on your list if you want that authentic Japanese experience. 

Kororo Gummy

The Japanese are really big on maintaining the authentic feel and taste of fruits in their natural state. This is why most candies are based on this premise. Kororo gummies, like many similar candies, are also based on real fruit texture. 

Everything from the skin of the candy to the jelly-like interior of the gummy is specifically designed to emulate an actual fruit, so whether you’re a grape lover or an orange fanatic, you will get an experience that is as close to the real fruit as possible. 


Although the Japanese haven’t traditionally been big on sugar as a raw ingredient, the Konpieto has surprisingly still maintained its place in the popular candies list. Having been introduced by the Portuguese in the 1500s, this candy is still making rounds as one of the most sought after sugar-based candies out there. 

Marshmallow-Match Green Tea Flavor

Matcha green tea lovers have another thing to smile about as these matcha based marshmallows are also beginning to be readily available in western markets. Based, of course, on the green tea flavored manta, these marshmallows have that unique, flavorful matcha taste. They have different flavors you can choose from if you’re up for a little green adventure.  


Lastly, but definitely, not least you have a candy that has the rare ability to blend sweet and sour, unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Ready your palate, as this gummy candy, may not be as fruity as the rest of them, but it gets points on the board for originality.

Verdict On Japanese Candy

Japan has the richest variety of candies anywhere in the world, and although some brands are not readily accessible outside the country, there are some that you can find in your local store. So get out there and experience some of these rich flavors! 

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