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7 Hacks To Make Family Dog Ownership Easier

Owning a dog is a fantastic and truly unique experience. As well as creating unforgettable memories with your children, having a family dog can make your household happier, healthier and more responsible. Even though being a dog owner is great fun, it requires a lot of patience, time, effort and money. This is to ensure your dog is healthy, happy and well-behaved, and your children are safe. 

Dogs are grateful for the small things in life, but they are still a lot of responsibility and there are some key elements that you need to prioritise. To help make owning a family dog easier for you, here are 7 hacks you should follow. 

Healthy Dog Food Subscription 

Feeding your dog a healthy diet is very important, as it will affect their appearance, behaviour and their health. Many pet owners have turned to feeding their pet raw food, as it is healthier and more natural compared to commercial pet food. Bella & Duke makes a raw diet simple. You can order their complete, readymade raw pet food through their dog food subscription service. The convenience of this dog food subscription is free and saves you a lot of time and money associated with a raw diet. 

Attend Pet Obedience Classes

To make pet ownership more pleasurable, you need to make sure you start training your dog as soon as they enter your home. One of the easiest ways to do so is by attending pet obedience classes. These classes will give you and your family the opportunity to bond with your pup and teach them how to be well-behaved. It also gives your dog a chance to socialise with new people and pets. A professional trainer will lead the classes, so you will be consistently training your dog in the correct ways. 

Buy a High-Quality Pet Bed

Buying your dog a high-quality pet bed can make your life much easier. Firstly, getting one that is washable and durable will save you the time and money that is required to search for and purchase a new pet bed. Secondly, having a soft and supportive bed will maintain the health of your dog’s joints and improve their quality of sleep. Finally, a high-quality pet bed will give your dog a great alternative to your furniture, which will protect expensive areas of your home and reduce the amount of cleaning.

Offer Mind Stimulating Toys

Making sure your canine companion is occupied will reduce the amount of trouble and mischief they create. Playing games and going for long and exciting walks can reduce the amount of excess energy your pup has and is good for their mind, but having something at home is highly recommended. If your pet is food motivated, finding mind stimulating games that end in a food reward is perfect. If you have a more active dog, then you should invest in something like an automatic ball launcher. 

Hire a Professional Dog Walker 

As mentioned previously, walking your dog regularly is crucial. It keeps their minds stimulated, makes them more relaxed in the home, improves their socialisation skills and maintains a healthy weight. Family life is hectic and if you struggle to find the time and energy to walk your dog multiple times a day, then you should consider hiring a professional dog walker to exercise your pet. If you leave your dog alone for long periods of time, then you could find a combined walking and doggy day care service. 

Vet Appointments and Insurance

Your dog will need to go to the vet at least once a year for booster vaccinations and general check-ups. Attending every vet appointment will support your dog’s health and reduce the risk of running into expensive medical complications further down the line. These can be difficult to manage and put your furry friend at risk. Purchasing pet insurance for your dog will cover unexpected vet bills and medical emergencies, saving you money while keeping it healthy and happy.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Juggling a family, work, chores and a pet can be overwhelming. If you are finding things difficult, you should never be afraid to ask friends, family or a professional for help. You should try to get all of your household involved with your dog’s care and put a rota in place. As mentioned previously, there are professional services that can care for and exercise your pet if you are too busy to do so during the day. If you need a break, then your family and friends should be there to help you and support you. 

Being a dog owner isn’t cheap or easy. Even though there are ways to make dog ownership easier, you still need to make sure you have the time and financial stability to care for a dog. However, all of the effort and hard work will be worth it and extremely rewarding. 

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