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6 Tips for Preparing Your Home Before Going on Vacation

6 Tips for Preparing Your Home Before Going on Vacation

Managing a family vacation can be challenging work. Between running last-minute errands to packing for your children, it can be easy to miss some basic preventive measures to ensure your home’s safety in your absence. Check out these six tips for preparing your home before going on vacation to cover all your bases.

Clear Out Your Fridge

The first step is to rid your fridge of any items that will expire while you’re on vacation. Check all the expiration and sell-by dates, wipe down any spills, and place a refrigerator air filter to capture smells that could develop while you’re away. Consider making sandwiches for the trip if you have a bread surplus in your pantry!

Prep Your Pets and Plants

Your pets will miss you dearly while you’re on your trip. Give your pet sitter notice in advance so that they can prepare to accommodate your pets’ needs. Remember to leave instructions for any specific care regimens and a supply of your pets’ favorite foods, treats, and toys.

As for your plants, consider asking a neighbor to water any greenery to prevent wilting. Making a list of all your plants and their locations will ensure that no plant goes unnoticed.

Leave Your Lights On

Leaving your lights on is standard for most short trips. However, you may want to invest in an automatic timer programmed to stagger lighting periods. Doing so will give the illusion that someone is home, warding off intruders while saving money on your electricity bill.

Turn Off Your Central Air

Some experts say you should turn off your AC when you’re on vacation to save energy and costs on utility bills. You can set your programmable thermostat to cool your home before you return. On the other hand, you can leave your cooling system on but set it to operate at a higher temperature.

Put a Hold on Your Mail

You could ask your neighbor to collect your mail while you’re away, but you can always ask your local post office to place an official hold on any incoming bills, magazines, and newsletters. Doing so will prevent mail from stacking up in your mailbox and letting others know you aren’t home.

Spray To Keep Pests Away

One of the worst things that could happen after you come home from a fun family vacation is discovering unwanted guests such as insects and other pests. To avoid pesky critters from taking up residence in your space, spray insecticide in areas that they frequent so that your home remains in the clear while you’re gone.

Preparing your home before you go on vacation may be a lot of work, but these tips will allow you to rest easy, knowing that your home is safe, in order, and ready for when you return from your family adventure.

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