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50 Things to do before you’re 11 3/4

1 Climb a tree      

2 Roll down a really big hill 

3 Camp out in the wild

4 Build a den 

5 Skim a stone

6 run around in the rain

7 Fly a kite

8 Catch a fish with a net  

9 Eat an apple straight from a tree      

10 Play conkers  

11 Go on a really long bike ride

12 Make a trail with sticks

13 Make a mud pie 

14 Dam a stream

15 Play in the snow

16 Make a daisy chain

17 Set up a snail race

18 Create some wild art

19 Play pooh sticks

20 Jump over waves

21 Pick blackberries growing in the wild

22 Explore inside a tree

23 Visit a farm

24 go on a walk barefoot

25 Make a grass trumpet

26 Hunt for fossils and bones

27 Go star gazing 

28 Climb a huge hill 

29 Explore a cave

30 Hold a scary beast

31 Hunt for bugs

32 find some frogspawn

33 catch a falling leaf

34 track wild animals

35 Discover what is in a pond  

36 Make a home for a wild animal

37 Check out the crazy creatures in a rock pool 

38 Bring up a butterfly

39 Catch a crab 

40 Go on a nature walk at night      

41 Plant it, grow it, eat it

42 Go swimming in the sea 

43 build a raft

44 go bird watching

45 find your way with a map and a compass 

46 try rock climbing

47 cook on a camp fire

48 learn to ride a horse

49 find a geocache

50 canoe down a river

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