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5 ways to make sure your wedding is as green as possible

Green wedding

It’s no secret that there is alot to consider when planning a wedding, but if you’re an eco-conscious person, it can feel overwhelming when you begin to consider the social and environmental impact of a typical wedding. But with green initiatives on the rise across small and large businesses and supplies alike, it’s actually easier than ever to have that green wedding of your dreams.

Opt for natural, locally sourced flowers and decorations

With all the flowers, drapes, garlands, archways, table favours, candles and more – decorations play a big part in setting the perfect aesthetic for your day. But importing all these extras from overseas often means ending up with piles of unrecyclable plastic and piles of rubbish at the end of the night. To ensure your decor is eco-friendly, opt for as little plastic as possible and try to use recyclable or biodegradable products such as natural confetti and sustainably sourced, paper decorations. 

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Get creative

Save your pennies and the planet by using sustainably sourced cardstock to make your own name cards, seating plan and table numbers. A great idea for centrepieces is to use empty gin or rum bottles as vases. Rustic, eco-friendly weddings are becoming more and more popular and can look truly beautiful. Using free, natural elements such as flowers from your garden, pine cones as name holders and even branches as table decorations creates a lovely natural feel and brings a sense of classic minimalism to your wedding.

Don’t go overboard with food

It’s shocking how much food is wasted at weddings. As tempting as waffle bars, crisp walls, doughnut towers and sweet carts are, your guests really do not need it all. Opt instead for food that is made to order, such as a pizza truck or street food van in place of an evening buffet. If you want to offer sweets, encourage your guests to take the leftovers home with them, as your venue may have a policy forcing them to throw it all away once you’ve left.

Research your venue 

Some venues are greener than others, so it’s worth asking about recycling policies and how they manage their carbon footprint to make sure you choose one that aligns with your morals. Many venues are making brilliant changes such as using renewable energy and offering menus with solely locally sourced, zero-miles ingredients. 

Choose ethically produced attire

There are many ways to get your dream wedding dress and still be conscious of its social and environmental impact. Many fabrics used in commercial dresses are unethically produced and imported from other countries where labour is cheaper. As you’ll only be wearing it for a day, consider the benefits of renting a dress or buying second hand. Not only will it save you money, but you’ll feel happier knowing you have made an effort to be more sustainable. If you need to buy new, choose a company that prides itself on its green initiatives and ethically sourced fabrics.

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