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5 Ways To Look Great For Your Festive Family Photos

Family moments are some of the most important times in a person’s life. 

Pictures are an incredible gift, and it’s how people communicate their love purely, without the glossy contortions of the written word! Take foster child George, for example, who drew himself onto a family photo to show he was ready to be adopted by a loving family. The photo says something that the written word could never quite express. 

Moreover, most people like to have a visual record of monumental days. Such things typically come in the form of pictures of photo albums, chronicling all the milestones in life. From birthdays to wedding anniversaries, they’re all annually marked by a charming snap or two! 

Of course, the festive period is no exception, and family portraits are all range at this time. For such a momentous occasion, you likely want to look your best!  

Consequently, here are 5 ways to look great for your festive family photos. 

Dress On Theme

Obvious, but essential, dressing on theme is the first step in ensuring your family photo has that extra sparkle during the festive season. 

Christmas jumpers, Santa hats, or even some straight-up cosplay outfits can work wonders here. If grandpa is in the boots of Santa and the kids are dressed up as little elves and helpers, you’ll end up creating a wholesome image that will be fondly looked back on for a lifetime. 

For those of different faiths or preferences, then some comfortable clothing that matches all the colour schemes of the big day will do well too! Reds, greens, golds, and whites all compliment each other remarkably well, so put together any outfit you desire that features these hues. Plop some fun antlers on your head, a big red nose on your own nose, and any other accessories you can think of. The more your outfit shouts fun and merriment, the better! 

Photo by Duffy Brook on Unsplash

Give Your Look Some Polish

Of course, when it comes to photos, the devil is in all the details. 

Your festive outfit may well look nice, but it’s only the finer areas that round out an outfit and give a look its true finish. A splodge of makeup can work wonders, and if you’re worried about a big red spot or two, some concealer will fix things there straightaway. You could even paint some funky, festive designs on your nails, just to give your look some extra finesse. 

There’s no shame in investing a bit of money into this area either, if it helps you feel confident and to enjoy the day more. Something like whitening your teeth could make a big difference in your overall self-esteem, so in that case, explore EuroWhite’s options. Their listed products, like Crest whitestrips, are affordable and easy to use, giving you fast results without the wait and worry of booking dentist appointments. For dental perfection, Crest whitestrips make a huge difference – and they’d cost 10x as much from the dentist too! Treat yourself, it’s Christmas! 

Focus on Physicality!

Of course, there’s no point getting all dressed up and fancy if you’re just going to stand there like a lemon afterwards! 

Throw yourself into the family photo full throttle. Strike a few fun poses of your choice, whether you’re throwing up bunny ears behind the heads of your loved ones or going for the classic peace signs. Kids can sit on laps of a grandparent in the armchair, partners can stand in a loving embrace, and any siblings and cousins can stand merrily arm-in-arm. That feeling of togetherness is key, and what you do with your posture communicates that either very well or very poorly! 

Pay consideration to lighting, too, so that you all get your best angles. Sometimes, even something as subtle as a head tilting the wrong way can be enough to make the picture less than perfect. Get your lighting sorted and pose the right way, and you’ll ensure everyone’s features are lit up in all their glory! 

Decorate and Use Your Surroundings

While it’s important to look the part in a festive family photo, you can also do so with a really great backdrop!

If you look at the festive family photos of others, no one is exactly standing in front of a white wall. The last thing you want when taking your picture is something fit for a driving licence or passport. Therefore, after you’ve spruced up yourself and fellow family members, spruce up your surroundings too! 

If you’re at home, then your Christmas trees can feature, framing the proceedings on either side. Additionally, you can take the picture in front of the open fire, lending the image a particularly warmth that and cosiness that really accentuates the festive spirit. Drape some tinsel over the mantle piece, and after that you’re away. 

If you’re family photo is being taken by a professional, no doubt they have an incredible, festive-themed set for you and your folks to utilise. Jump in and use all the props that you can. They may even have things like fake snow on display too, so these arrangements can be enough of an incentive to get a family photo taken! 

Exude Love and Kindness

It’s easy to tell a fake smile from a real one, so the best way to snag a wholesome family photo is by doing it all for real and practicing what you preach! 

If your family is embroiled in conflict and constant bickering, then it will come across in the picture. There needs to be an air of naturality around the proceedings, where delightful poses and cheerful grins come with ease. Those who are experiencing tough emotional times signal such through their posture, too. So, if things aren’t right and natural here, the photo will look stilted, fake, and needless to say, incredibly awkward. National newspapers collate them all and publish them online, too, so unless that’s what you’re aiming for, it’s best to create a positive environment. 

The best way forward is to simply nurture good relationships with your family all year round. All a camera can do is capture what is already there, and unless you’re photoshopping hugs and kisses, there’s not much that can be done once the picture is taken. The festive season isn’t an excuse to lighten up – it’s a time to unleash the love and merriment that is already within you all. 


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