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5 ways to turn your house into a home

Have you ever visited a friend or relative’s house and instantly felt at home? What was it about that place that made you feel like you could put your feet up and chill out? Is it something you can replicate?

Whether you’ve just unpacked your boxes in a new build, or have been in a property for a while that just doesn’t feel right, there are ways to decorate your house to instantly make it feel like a home. Whether you are painting the walls or installing a new wooden staircase, these tips will make your house really feel like home. Here are five to try out:

1. Get rid of the white walls 

White can feel clinical and oppressing in a home environment. Some might argue that it looks clean but a softer pastel shade will help a room feel more appealing and homely.

If you must keep your walls white – perhaps you’re renting – then choose a different shade (yes, white comes in different shades) depending on the light in the room. Or, try hanging plenty of interesting, personal and fun items on the walls to break up the colour and personalise your space, which leads us on to our next point…

2. Make it personal 

One way to ensure your house feels like a home is to make any décor decisions personal to you and your family, fill walls with family photos in attractive frames, include heirlooms on mantelpieces and coffee tables and if you have any artists in the family (or produce any art yourself) ensure it’s hung in hallways, on staircases and above beds in the home.

That holiday you can’t quite shake from your mind from last summer could also serve as the perfect inspiration for your décor. Feature stone tiles in the kitchen reminiscent of the villa in Tuscany you stayed in and Italian Cypress trees from YouGarden by the front door are little nods towards something you truly love, and will make your house feel like a home.

3. Invest in good curtains 

This tip might sound a little strange, but high-quality curtains hanging over windows is one way of instantly making a room feel homely – they can also make the space feel larger than it actually is if they are hung higher than the window as they draw the eye up. They not only look amazing but can be pulled across to shut you and your loved ones off from the world, instilling the idea that your time together in the home is precious and special.

Heavy, long length curtains also add a little luxury to a room and if you have them custom made in fabrics of your choosing, you’ll have added your touch and taste to the room.

4. Stunning staircases

The central part of your home is often the staircase. Most of the time this is just a functional area which does not add anything to the look and feel of your home. However, you go up and down the staircase so many times a day. It should be a real feature of your house. When planning your house consider the wooden staircase design. Make sure it is functional, safe and looks elegant. Every time you go up and down the stairs you will feel happy with your choice.

5. Fill your home with things you love 

Houses that feel too tidy and organised can detract from that homely feeling, so it’s definitely a good idea to have storage solutions. But, don’t try and pack everything away…

Plan your décor choices around surfaces that allow you to leave items out so you have easy access to then and visitors can see them. Use magazines as side tables, fill your sofa with fun cushion cover designs, and if you want a dinosaur rug in the bedroom then have a dinosaur rug in the bedroom! Don’t try and fit your home into a showroom stereotype. Fill it with things you love and make it somewhere you look forward to returning to every day.

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