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5 Tips For Helping Twins Share A Bedroom

Parents of twins face a lot of unique issues that other parents will never quite have to deal with. In many ways, twins tend to be incredibly close and compatible, and sometimes borderline inseparable. But that said, they still have some ordinary sibling friction, and at times this can be amplified. Parents find themselves making constant efforts to keep both twins happy, and to foster a sense of individual identity in addition to a strong sibling connection.

twins isolated

One of the areas in which these issues come up frequently is in sharing a room. Many twins share rooms not just when they’re young, but even well into their childhoods. So how can you, as a parent, organize a shared room while still giving your twins the same freedom that single children enjoy, to design and personalize their own spaces? Here are 5 tips that can help with this.

1. Divide By Colour

One fun way to let your twins maintain the individuality of their room space is to simply divide the room down the middle by colour and design.There are some great kids’ wallpaper designs and images, and consider splitting the entire room with each twin’s favourite style. You can even put in carpet split down the middle!

2. Put In A Curtain

If your twins really like the idea of having a bit of solo space within a shared room, you can always put in a curtain. This can be useful for anything from getting dressed for school in private, to sleeping separately if they prefer this, or even getting some space if they’re in an argument.

3. Comfortable Beds

If space is tight then you might want to invest in bunk beds. These are a great way to give your twins their own space. There are only a few of downsides to bunk beds which are worth considering. It is a nightmare to change the bedding and you might have arguments about who gets to go on top. Also you might have a child who is scared of heights or who wriggles in their sleep and falls out of bed. If bunk beds are not for you or if you have older twins, then you could get divan beds. These would make a stylish addition to any bedroom and come with extra space for storage. You could choose matching beds or let each child choose an individual style to suit their personalities.

sleeping twins
What do you mean they won’t always want to sleep like this?

4. Reverse The Rooms

This is a trick a lot of college roommates actually use in dorms to create the illusion of separate space – simply reverse furniture! If one side of the room is laid out with a desk first, then open space, then a bed, flip the other side of the room – bed first (facing the opposite way), then space, then a desk. You’d be surprised how private this can make one side of the room feel.

5. Have A Backup Plan

Finally, have a backup plan. There will likely come a day when your twins want their own rooms, and it’s only fair to accommodate them. Have a plan in place to convert another space in your home into a room for the twin who “moves out.”

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