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5 Tips for creating the perfect family portrait.

Picture 4
Can you spot where this photo has been edited?

It’s hard enough to get a good photo of one child let alone three. They pull silly faces, they don’t look, they get bored. Just when you get the perfect picture of one or two of the children you look at the other ones and one of them is doing this.

Never work with children or animals

Funny, yes, but not exactly what you want on your mantle piece.

Now I am not an expert photographer. I just love taking pictures. Over the last five years I have taken hundreds of pictures of the girls and have picked up a few sneaky tricks for getting a good one.

1. Make sure everyone is in a good mood. There’s no point trying to get a good photo when they’re already grumpy it will just not work.

2. Take lots of photos. Then take lots more. In a set of 50 pictures you might get one ok one and one brilliant one. If you’re lucky.

3. Bribe them with lots of treats. You might have to take a few extra pictures so you blank out the ones where they are actually eating but it works.

4. Give them something to hold like a teddy or to do like catch bubbles.

5. If that doesn’t work cheat. There are some great photo editing programs out there. You don’t have to be a geek to use them (although it helps). You need lots of pictures from a similar viewpoint with the same colours for this to really work. Take one base picture and add the others in layers. You need software with a cloning tool so you

editing photos
Do you have any great tips for capturing that perfect picture?
I am linking to Snap slappers and What so funnee

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