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5 Things I Should Have Known Before Moving To A New House

Moving house is considered as a fun thing by just a few people, however, most of them think it is a more exciting thing when you hear about it compared to when one actually experiences it. I mean there are so many things to do that your to-do list is literally a 2-3 pager plus by the time you have moved, there will be about at least 10 to 15 things that you have forgotten to add in the list and so have forgotten to do as well. So below is a list of a few things you would wish you knew before moving if you move without reading this post.


  1. Changing the Locks Is Very Important

So tell me why do you actually install the locks in the first place? To keep yourself and your family safe. Right? So do you really think that living in a house whose access is also with some stranger who is the previous owner of the house, is safe for you and your family by any means? I know it isn’t. Thus changing the locks is very important. Besides, if you’re moving in an old house than there’s even a possibility that the locks have issues like they are either rusted, broken or have become too tight over time. So replacing them is the best thing to do.

  1. Checking the House for Any Leakages Is Essential

Water leakage always creates the worst kind of a mess. Imagine yourself putting day and night’s effort into moving the house and placing your belongings just so that there’s a water fountain flowing from one of the sinks in the toilet which continues to flow and enters your rooms and makes everything wet and messy. Trust me that will be more frustrating than it actually sounds. So make sure you check your new house’s piping under the flooring, toilets and kitchen for any leakages so that if in case there is one, it’s fixed before you move in and in an empty house.


  1. Always Set Your Closet Yourself

I know hiring removal companies is the most relaxing option but trust me when it comes to your closet you really would want to set it up yourself like imagine if you have to find something very small in your closet then for it you will literally have to take everything out and this my friend will be a very time consuming and difficult task.

  1. Installing New Lighting Is Less Hassle in an Empty House

Recall the mess a drill machines makes. Plus it’s always a good idea to get the lights fixed before moving in because electricians charge on per hour basis and in a filled house making space for equipment and ladder could prove to be heavy on your pocket.


  1. Knowing the Area Is Very Important

It’s very important as if you don’t know your neighbourhood beforehand it will take you very long to find the nearest fun places for weekends, stores for grocery, hospital for emergency and etc. Moreover, it’s best to use house movers for moving as they do it professionally.

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