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5 Steps for Planning an Unforgettable Road Trip in the US

5 Steps for Planning an Unforgettable Road Trip in the US
5 Steps for Planning an Unforgettable Road Trip in the US

From coast to coast, the United States of America has a plethora of scenic highways in the lower 48 states to behold. If you’re not sure where or how to start, there’s nothing to worry about. There are literally thousands of ways to plot a great adventure with your family. Our guide below includes a series of steps for planning an unforgettable road trip in the US.

Step 1: Find Your Destination

There’s an endless list of places to start, which can easily become overwhelming. That’s why you should first only focus on one spot. The most crucial question is, what do you want to see? Check out some of the places that pique your curiosity. Perhaps now is the time to pull out your bucket list and cross off a destination you’ve only ever dreamed of seeing.

Step 2: Consider Your Time Limit

After you’ve come up with a few destinations you’d like to visit, narrow it down by acknowledging how much time of being vacation you can realistically afford. If you can only spend four to five days, don’t choose a destination that would take you two days to reach. Maybe you should save that goal for when you have more time next time.

Step 3: Choose the Right Time of the Year

Another crucial factor to consider is the time of year you want to go on your journey. You might want to postpone your getaway if the weather is likely to be too cold or too hot to enjoy. Also, don’t forget about the road conditions. Winters in many northern states are cold and snowy, resulting in road closures and hazardous traffic situations.

Step 4: Organize Your Route

Choose a GPS app that can highlight locations along the route that you wish to see. Use features that allow you to pin and categorize all your points of interest as you go. As you map out all the venues you want to visit, plan your accommodations. Find lodgings that are close to the pinpointed places. You can end up driving a lot more than you meant to if you don’t.

Step 5: Prepare Your Must-Haves

The last step for planning an unforgettable road trip in the US is all about preparation. If you plan to bring your family along for the ride, it helps to learn a few tips for going on a family road trip. Also, before hitting the road, make sure you have your vehicle checked. First, your vehicle needs to be well-maintained. If you notice any issues or worn parts, make sure to fix them before you go on your trip. You should also be equipped with all the long-drive necessities. This includes a sleeping bag, emergency car kit, spare tire, and driving documents.

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