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5 Common Hair Fails and How to Avoid Them

 Bad hair days happen to almost anyone. Sometimes, this can be due to cutting or bleaching your own hair without knowing the correct process. Fortunately, these bad jobs can be easily addressed by professional hairstylists offering a full suite of hair services. Before you try to create your version of a curtain bang, here’s a list of common mistakes and how you can best avoid them: 

1. Uneven Haircuts

Due to the pandemic, more people have resorted to cutting their own hair after salons were ordered to be closed. With many women keen on changing their looks due to boredom, DIY haircuts became commonplace. One mistake that is common among these DIY-ers is that they would cut their hair unevenly, likely because of a lack of proper scissors. 

How To Avoid:

Preparation is key. If you are cutting your own hair, make sure that you have sharp scissors. It is also important to pull the hair from its growth point before cutting it, so it is more even. 

2. Bleaching

You’ve probably seen numerous videos of attempted hair bleaching gone bad. It can be awful to watch as a handful of hair strands fall out. One of the reasons for this is that the hair may not be in the best state to begin with. It can also be due to overprocessing. Setting the product on your hair for a prolonged period can cause the hair to fall out. 

How To Avoid:

The key to preventing this is to keep track of the bleaching process. Any signs of breakage indicate it’s time to wash the product off. It also helps to know the type of lightener you are using. Note that some products are not made to undergo a heating process. 

3. Burned Hair

The use of curling and ironing wands is also pretty common, and we’ve seen many girls burning their hair in the process. Often, the cause is setting the temperature too high and using it on the hair for too long. 

How To Avoid:

Experts recommend placing the wand at a medium temperature. It should not also stay on your hair for more than five seconds. While this may take some time for you to finish your entire hair, it is much safer, and you won’t end up with a burned hair. 

4. Uneven Hair Color

When you dye your own hair, one of the common mistakes is uneven hair colour. This can be due to uneven partitioning of the hair when applying the dye, or the presence of grey hair, particularly on your roots. Another reason is that your roots did not completely absorb the hair dye.

How To Avoid:

When you have grey hair, it’s always best to start colouring from the roots. This way, it will have enough time to absorb the hair colour. In some cases, you may need more than one colour to cover it completely. Consulting a professional hairstylist to help you match the dye that suits your hair type can also help. 

5. Bangs Too Short

Many people believe cutting their bangs is simple until they realise that their initial cut is uneven, and they need to cut further, ending up with short bangs. 

How To Avoid:

Decide on a cut that you want to do, as this can dictate the approach you should take when cutting your bangs

Now that you have an idea of the common mistakes you may be prone to make, you’d be more careful and follow the correct process. 

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