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5 Awesome Tips for a Movie-Inspired Birthday Party

A movie-inspired birthday party can make your child’s special day amazing. Here are 5 tips to help you plan the whole thing out. 

Dress the Part

Your child’s movie-inspired birthday party will probably live or die by the costumes. Kids love costumes: they’re a way to make-believe and connect with favorite characters from their favorite films. It’s also fun when the grownups get in on the action!  

Now to be sure, some characters already have great costumes, but it’s also okay to get creative. You don’t have to order a costume online or try to find one at a nearby store: you can probably save money and have more fun by improvising with a few creative props and accessories. 

When you dress the part, think about clothing that will suggest whatever character you or your child will be portraying. If you want to save money, you might be surprised at what your local thrift store will have. 

Another thing to think about is accessories. Jewellery, such as a Miami Cuban link chain, maybe the perfect accent for your outfit. 

Still, if you don’t have the time to gather the materials or create the costumes, buying them ready-made may be more prudent. You can get a gorgeous dress for a medieval party, which you can also wear for future costume events. Dress it up, embellish it, and have fun with it. 

The Cake & the Food

We’re putting the cake first because let’s be honest, it’s all about the cake. For many parents, the preferred approach is simple: order a cake for the appropriate movie from a local bakery. 

However, another option would be to make the cake yourself. Fondant cake toppers are available on Etsy, and there are some accessories on Amazon as well. Cupcakes are another option, too, and they’re quite easy to make as well as generally being irresistible to children. 

There are any number of recipes available if you do decide to bake the cake yourself, but the key thing will be to think about making the cake work with the movie theme. Look for ideas on Pinterest or another site. We’ve also talked before about using different icings to achieve multi-colored effects. 

Now that that’s out of the way, what about the rest of the food? Many children’s birthday parties go with hamburgers, hot dogs, or pizza, perhaps with fruit or other snacks on the side. 

There’s no reason you have to do anything different unless you want to, but if you’re ambitious you can always look for other customized foods to create. Desserts are probably some of the easiest in this regard: think of decorated cookies, for example. 


You’ll probably want décor themed for the movie that is the focus of your child’s birthday party. The good news is that some movies, especially children’s movies, are likely to have birthday-themed décor. 

But what to do if you can’t find any? This is when it’s time to get creative and abstractive in your thinking. 

If your child’s party is based on a sci-fi movie, get sci-fi-themed plates, cups, and whatever else you can find. Fantasy? Go medieval. You’re bound to find birthday décor featuring animals, vehicles, adventure themes, pirates, mermaids, vampires, etc. 

Swag/Party Favors/Memorabilia 

What about swag/party favors and memorabilia, such as customized name tags? Granted, you might not need the last one if everyone knows everyone else, but they can be a lot of fun at bigger parties. 

Since this is a movie-themed party, why not go for a “movie pass” name tag theme? You can make them and then write the children’s names down – or print them out if that’s easier (just don’t forget anyone). Put them on lanyards, and you’ll have something neat for each child to take home (again, just don’t forget anyone – make sure you have enough lanyards!). 

Party favors and swag bags are a lot of fun too. These are some of the easiest things to customize in keeping with your theme: for the most part you can probably find them on Etsy or Amazon, and they’re generally inexpensive and plentiful. 

The Movie Itself 

That’s right, we have to talk about the movie itself – specifically, how you’re going to set it up. You’ll need a screen or projector that is large enough, a working sound system, and a layout that can accommodate everyone without too much trouble.

First things first, make sure you have the movie. This is the most obvious thing, but sometimes those are the things we forget. Whether you buy or rent it, make sure it’s there. If it’s digital – on YouTube or Amazon – make sure you have a good internet connection that will not be likely to give out. 

If it’s a DVD, make sure you play it all the way through in advance of the party. There is nothing to derail a movie party like discovering a scratched DVD.

Make sure your sound system works, and then plan the layout. Usually, this will be a living room. Make sure the children have room to watch the movie together and take precautions against spilled food or drink – perhaps everyone can watch the movie after food but before the cake. 


Your child’s movie-themed birthday party should be a fun, exciting, magical time for you and for them. Planning these parties can be stressful, but the results will be worth it when it all comes together. Hopefully, the 5 tips we’ve discussed here will be of help. 

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