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4th July stained glass window bunting

4th july bunting
4th July stained glass window bunting

I was making some bunting for Molly’s birthday which is on Friday and I suddenly realised that the stripey red and white pattern would work great for the 4th July. Although it isn’t a holiday we celebrate I had to give it a go and see how it turned out. 

We love making stained glass windows as they are so easy and mess free. The are also really quick to change when you want something new.

4th July

All you need is:

  • black card
  • red white and blue tissue paper
  • contact paper 9sticky back plastic)
4th July stained glass window bunting

Cut out  lots of triangle out of black card. Older children could do this but would need a bit of help cutting the inside out. I don’t think you need to use a template as they look cute slightly different sizes.

Lay out the contact paper.  fold down each side and stick to the table so it stays flat.

Stick the triangles onto the contact paper.

Cut the white and red tissue paper into long thin strips and stick it in alternating patterns onto half of the triangles. My 4 year olds could do this with a bit of help.

Cut some tiny triangles from white tissue paper and stick on in a star shape. Cover with a triangle of blue tissue paper.

Cut out the bunting triangles. You may need to rub over the surface to make sure the pattern shows up clearly enough and there are no bubbles.

4th July stained glass window bunting

Then just display in an alternating blue – stripe pattern. They look great doubled up with two strings.

4th july bunting

I think they would be lovely if you were having a 4th July party. They would also look great on a classroom window.

4th July stained glass window bunting

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