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4 Tips For Maintaining Good Eyesight

No matter what, protecting our eyesight is crucial. Imagine trying to do everything you have to do now, but with limited vision. Life would be very difficult, and so it makes sense to keep our eyes as healthy as possible. Here are some useful tips for doing just that:

Eat A Balanced Diet 

Eating the right foods in the right amounts is good for us in all kinds of ways. It helps us to lose weight and keeps our organs healthy. It enables us to have more energy so we can exercise more. It can even produce endorphins to make us feel good. Did you know that eating a balanced diet is also good for your eyesight and will help protect your eyes? 

Vitamins A and C are particularly useful when it comes to eye health, and these can be found in foods such as fish and green, leafy vegetables. Salmon is particularly good since it contains plenty of omega-3 fatty acids, and these help to ensure the macula (the part of the eye that aids central vision) stays working in the way that it should. The macula can be damaged by too much alcohol and a diet too high in saturated fats, so eating more healthily and in moderation should be a priority. 

Wash Your Hands 

This tip is another good one for your general health, but again it is also specifically aimed at keeping your eyes healthy, and it is particularly useful for those who wear contact lenses from 

Before you touch your eyes, always make sure you wash your hands. You should use a mild soap and ensure they are dried using a lint-free towel. Any germs or bacteria from your hands that enter your eyes can easily cause eye infections, and some of these can cause irreparable damage. 

Don’t Smoke 

When you smoke, your eyes are in the line of the smoke that is exhaled, and also the smoke that trails from the burning cigarette. This could explain why smokers are much more susceptible to eye infections than non-smokers. Studies are being carried out into the exact reason behind this, but it is clear that cigarettes could be weakening the eye in some way. Besides which, cigarettes are bad for your overall health and you should try to quit for multiple reasons. 

Wear Sunglasses 

If you find you are having to squint when you are outside in the daylight, it’s probably because the ultraviolet light from the sun is too strong for your eyes. This can cause damage, including cataracts, as well as being uncomfortable. Plus, when you’re driving, it can be dangerous if you are unable to see the road properly. 

The best thing to do is to wear sunglasses when you are outside, and when you are in your vehicle. Make sure the lenses you wear are suitable for both UVA and UVB light protection. If you can wear a brimmed hat at the same time, you can protect the side of your eyes too. 

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