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4 Things To Know About Gas Central Heating

Gas central heating is now very popular and a thing of gratefulness. A furnace that is placed conveniently in your house and providing the heat to the whole house and giving you comfort is a feeling many people would have dreamed of a century ago. A gas central heating system can basically use hot water to provide heat across the house using a boiler underneath the furnace. Not only they provide you with comfort but also they are a source of adding value to the house when you put it out in the market which makes it a long term investment. Here are a few things to know about the gas central heating system.

  1. Working of the Heater

A gas central heater can not only be powered by gas. The pipes attached to the heater is spread across the house. The water in the furnace is heated to a boiling point and is then electrically pumped through the pipes and ducts and the heat of the water is enough to make a room heated. The heated water isn’t wasted but rather it’s stored for you to use that water by running it in your taps and showers.

  1. Use of Thermostat


It would be nice to have control over the central heating system of your house. A thermostat is installed into the furnace which can be tuned up and down manually as per your needs. The newer heaters are using an electronic thermostat that is just as effective, but they can also schedule the heater to heat up and down at certain times of the day. The manual thermostat will have degrees of temperature written on it so you can simply turn the dial to your desired temperature.

  1. Pricing


Prices for the central heating systems may vary from company to company. The size of the house and the heater also plays a role in the pricing of the system. A standard heating system may variate in cost from £2000 to £3000 which will be enough for a bungalow. For a 3 bedroom house, the central heating system may have a slightly higher price from £3000 to £4000. You can also replace your heating system for a price which depends on your old heating system. You must also consider the price of the fuel that you are using for the heating like gas or LPG. The annual cost of fuel may sum up to £500 to £800 but it may be higher or lower depending on the fuel, as said before.

  1. Energy Saving

Modern gas heating systems are very energy efficient so much so that it’s impressive. If you are worried about the bills stacking up for your heating system, you might want to consider replacing the old heater with a newer one because it may save you up to 90% of the bill you are currently dealing with. However, if your heater is broken down and needs repairing, it is recommended that it should be done immediately because a broken down heater may add up to the bill as it requires a lot more energy to work sufficiently.


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