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4 Mobile Apps That Will Change Your Life

If you’re a mom, you depend on technology like your phone and other mobile devices to stay organized. With emerging technology like artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile devices can lend a hand more than ever before. Here are four surprising ways you can use your smartphone to make your everyday mom duties a little bit easier.

1. Take the Struggle Out of Your Family’s Morning Routine

If getting your kids ready and out the door in the morning is a battle — despite your efforts to instill a solid morning routine — there are several morning routine apps for kids that might help. For example, Happy Kids Timer is an app that makes your kids’ morning routine into a game so that they’re guided through the daily drill without fuss. ITouchiLearn has a Morning Routines for Preschool app that uses songs, pictures and dictated instructions to help guide kids through their morning routine.

2. Control the Temperature in Your Home

With the power of your smartphone coupled with smart home technology, you can do things like control the temperature setting of your home’s thermostat from wherever you are. Even if you’re outside the house, you can use a home security app like the Lorex Smart Home App, which integrates with the Nest thermostat, to control the temperature of your home. Smarter utility management can help you save on bills, and the convenience of changing the temperature from your phone saves you that much-needed mom energy.

3. Get a Remote View of Your Kids

Instead of carrying around an old school baby monitor that only gives you an audio feed, you could be checking on your baby or toddler with a video feed that streams to your device. A remote viewing baby camera can be placed in your child’s nursery so you can hear and see them. If you have older kids, a home security camera that lets you check in on them from your phone can give you peace of mind while you’re away from the house.

4. Lock and Unlock Your Doors

Smart locks are locks you can install on the doors of your home that lock or unlock by themselves as directed by you via a secure mobile app. You never have to worry whether your kids remembered to lock the door on their way out the house, because you can check the status on your phone. Plus, you can get a notification on your phone when they leave or enter the house, so you don’t need them to call or text you when they get home. You can also grant access to trusted family members, friends and cleaners or handymen while you’re out of the house.

Technology That Makes Life Easier

With the help of the most convenient and cutting-edge mobile apps, you can get more done right from your smartphone. It’s amazing the tricks you can do, especially when combined with smart home technology. It gives you more control of your home while you’re away, as you can do things like check in through a video feed, lock your doors remotely or adjust the thermostat.

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