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4 Hassle-Free Last-Minute Gift Ideas For A Best Friend

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Though you have good intentions, and you constantly remind yourself to buy gifts ahead of occasions, you’re somehow sprinting through the mall an hour before a birthday lunch.

If all of this sounds familiar to you then you’re way behind the 8-ball with birthday shopping. Your BFF is notoriously the toughest loved one to shop for. So if you’ve waited until now to select this year’s birthday gift, you’re going to need a great and convenient idea – fast.

Luckily, there are a few hassle free options sure to please even the most discerning of friends. And the best part? They can be given to both genders and you can give/send most of these birthday gifts at the very last minute. Here’s your escape, slackers.

Magazine subscription

This is one of the best last minute gift ideas for your best friend as it keeps on giving for a whole year. Surprise your friend with a subscription to his/her favorite magazine or select one that appeals to their favorite hobby, like sports, crafts, or cooking.

You can also save money by making a little effort to find a discount magazine subscription. Their prices are lower than options you’ll find elsewhere, and they also feature regular coupons and daily magazine deals.

Photos on canvas 

If you have taken a lot of pictures with your best friend in the last few months, there are websites that can convert these pictures into a canvas for gift-giving. They also offer options to write a text on the canvas: it can be your names, a date, a text message, or anything else you want to place.

Photos on canvas are custom and cute, which makes them special. Other ideas include artistic photography of a summer landscape or photos of past gatherings with your friend to bring more cheer.

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Birthday ecards 

If traditional birthday cards are dead, birthday ecards are like the individuals from a Grecian island who are young and will live forever. The collection at Hallmark ecards indicates that you have several different options to choose from, such as Star Wars, Madagascar and cartoonish birthdad themed cards.

Times may change, but friends always love to receive birthday cards wishes – and ecards can be customized and sent within a matter of minutes, which makes them an A+ gift. Most companies will let you add a special message or even a custom tune to send with the card. Ecards can even be sent to multiple friends with the click of a button.

Entertainment supplies  

This last-minute gift is sure to delight your best friend. Whether you select an annual pass to a local museum, a ticket for the new movie, a night at the arts exhibit, or a cultural event, the gift will be more valuable when it’s something you can enjoy together.

If you’re short of time these days to join your friend, a few DVDs teamed with a box of Junior Mints or microwave popcorn will bring a smile on the movie lover’s face. Gift-baskets are readily available in local and brick-and-mortar stores.

Just think about what your best friend really likes and go on from there. The best last minute gifts are the ones that show you really do care.

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