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4 Family Traditions Worth Keeping Up

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Growing up there are things you must do with your family that may seem corny. However when you grow up, those cheesy memories are what you cherish the most. There is nothing more fun than strolling down memory lane with your family regaling those embarrassing moments from yesteryear. As you get older those memories will be some of the fondest ones you have. Here are 4 family traditions that get better as time goes.

Family Dinners

Sitting down at the table with your family was not a cool thing to do back in the day. Having to sit in between your siblings, listening to your parent’s talk, and trying not to smack your brother because he is mimicking you, part of the nightly routine. Also trying your mom’s new recipe, which was not all that great was par the course. Though you would rather be doing literally anything else, your parents would not dream of allowing you to be excused from this family ritual. Sure, it might have been terrible then, but now you are visiting your parents and talk about those moments and how funny they appear to you now. There are few things more enjoyable than laughing over family antics.

Game Night

Game nights were your parents’ way of spending some extra quality time with you and your siblings. Of course you thought it was more on the lines of, a fate worse than death.  That is until they brought out Taboo, which is the best game to play, especially with those who know you best. Though you would “protest” that you did not want to play, you and your siblings would band together to take on your parents and win. Looking back, game night was such a great way to connect with your family as a unit. Plus you can tell funny stories about who was a sore loser or which person bragged the most. Either way everyone ended up having a good time. trophies

Family Portrait

Family portraits are a staple of most families starting at the birth of the first child. It is done yearly and despite most children’s protests, parents want to go through with it anyway. Having to sit and be posed for over an hour can seem a bit corny, but the finished product almost always turns out wonderfully. Coming back to visit your parents you can take a look at the photos and smile because they capture memories from so long ago. Grab a portrait coupon and keep up with the tradition. As time goes memories are the things we keep with us, and capturing those moments in a portrait is one of the best ways to do so.

flower girls

Going Bowling

Now this was an event that you actually enjoyed. Bowling with the family was a great pastime that you and your family keep up from time to time. You always wanted to be on your dad’s team because he was the master and getting consecutive strikes.  The rented shoes, having to get assistance will a ball that was stuck, and being on the winning team never got old. Bowling is a great way to bond with the family and connect without having to try too terribly hard. Plus every once in awhile you would get a back to back strike which definitely made your night.

Family traditions are some of the greatest memories even if they were not that fun to you at the time. As you get older you realize how much fun it was that your parents took the time to invest in you. Family dinners and game nights provide for great debates and laughs down the rode. You can flinch at your hair choices while looking through old family portraits. Seeing those portraits can also evoke some fond memories too.  Family bowling is always fun, no matter what age you are. Having these great recollections and stories is what fills your dinner table with your family now. You can appreciate all of the cheesy things your parents made you do as you continue those traditions with your family.


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