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4 alternatives to car ownership

Most households have two cars these days, but do we really need them?

If we really think about it, probably not, but convenience usually wins out. However times are changing, running costs are getting higher plus we are being made more and more aware of our impact on the environment

More and more of us are also working from home now but are probably reluctant to get rid of our car because we have become so reliant on them but with the average monthly cost of running a car being £162.

A car’s an expensive asset to be so underused 

Cars are usually one of the single biggest purchases we make and they are rarely a good investment as they lose value. 

If you didn’t have a car you would save a considerable amount of money each month. More importantly think of what you could do with the money you save each month and every few years instead of having to buy a new one or face expensive pair bills to keep your car on the road.

Whilst that all sounds wonderful there is the reality of life and there are times when we need a car so what solutions are available.

To begin with start by thinking about when and why you use your car. Is it once a day for the school run, once a week for a big shop or every now and then for a trip or large purchase.


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Most of us drive distances that can actually be covered by either walking or cycling whether that is to the local school, shop, work or gym. In a household with two cars think about whether one of you could change their routine to include walking or cycling to work. This one is a win win situation, your bank balance will thank you, your health will and the environment.


Whilst this might sound like an expensive option it should be considered when you think about how much money you would save by not having a car. If you are only using you car once or twice a week or even a month then the cost of a taxi maybe considerably less than having a car.

Car sharing

A great solution if you live with or near a friend or family member is car sharing. There are also car sharing schemes to allow you to pay for the use of a car parked locally, ideal for a ‘big shop’ or trip to see family.

If you have a friend or family member to borrow a car from for either a holiday or collecting a large purchase you can insure the car now for as many days as you need. Booking one day car insurance is very simple. This reduces your overall cost as you are not paying for a car which is sitting idly on the street or your drive.

Car rental

Another option is rental. There are numerous companies and price comparison websites available to enable you to hire all sorts of vehicles or vans when you need it.

A vivid example of a luxurious country like the UAE highlights the advantages of car rental over purchase. In this modern environment, where efficiency and ease prevail, opting for a rented vehicle isn’t just practical; it’s a smart decision. Instead of investing a significant capital in purchasing a vehicle that may quickly become outdated or fail to meet changing needs, residents of the UAE prefer the adaptable and economically efficient path of leasing. This ensures instant adaptation to changing circumstances, the opportunity to try out various makes and models of cars, and significant savings that can be redirected towards other activities or needs. For example, through platforms like, people can quickly and conveniently rent elite vehicles such as Rolls-Royce, enjoying the unmatched experience of navigating the streets in one of the world’s most luxurious cars, without the burden of ownership obligations and additional maintenance responsibilities

They offer delivery to your home address or you can collect it from a place convenient to you. You can get the size of vehicle most suitable for what you need.

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