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3 Things You Shouldn’t Forget To Clean At Home

Let’s face it, not a lot of people enjoy doing the household chores, washing, cleaning, hoovering, it’s all a big task and undoubtably by the end of the day everything will be messy again because that’s what happens when you live with kids.

And while we don’t want to dob ourselves in and give ourselves more work to do around the home, there are a few things we avoid cleaning and put it off as a side task to be done when we finally get the mental fortitude to approach it. But some of these tasks we put off, shouldn’t really be put off, there are things that only get changed once a month when it should be once a week or once a year when it should be done every few months. So without further ado, let’s check out some chores we shouldn’t keep putting off!

Washing Towels

Who reading this has ever been a bit put off when it comes to washing their towels? You’ll need atleast one batch in the washing machine (if not more) dedicated to your towels and you need to tumble dry them as well for the best post-wash results, so if you have a washer drier, doing 2 batches for towels could keep your washing machine occupied all day long.

Whilst having a day set aside for washing your towels seems like an easy idea, don’t forget that you won’t be able to do any other washing for that day and in a family home, sometimes there’s too much washing to have a day off. You also need to consider that until all the towels are washed and dry, no one in the house can have a wash, so the whole affair is filled with complications.

It’s recommended to clean towels at least once a week, so the best way forward with this is to get a load of towels in the wash on a weekday morning, so they’re ready to be used that evening. If you have enough towels for 2 loads, you’ll want to split them up and ideally rotate them, so that you always have a set of towels ready to go!

Clean Bed Linens

Bed linens are another task that get complicated by the fact they really need a dedicated wash, as well as the whole hassle around taking bed linens off and finding time to re-dress the bed ready for bed time that evening. Given the fact one third of Brits only wash their bed sheets once a year, you can see that this is a big problem.

Ideally bed sheets should be changed once a week and while this sounds like a lot of work to do every week, you can really make it easier. You’ll want to start by getting a backup set of bed linen for each bed in the home. Then once you strip the bed linen to be washed, you can throw on your reserve bed linen at the same time then put the dirty linen in storage once dry until you re-dress the beds next week.

Clean Your Blinds

When you’re cleaning, you probably don’t pay much attention o your blinds unless there is some sort of stain or spillage that has hit them, in which case you likely clean off the spillage and then get back on with your life.

In an ideal situation, you should give your blinds a good thorough clean every couple of months, this will help keep the colour of the blinds, keep them smelling nice and just keep them in good nick. There are too many types of blinds for us to list how to clean them all, but I found this excellent blog post on cleaning blinds from DotcomBlinds which was really handy and can help walk you through the best way to clean your blinds. 

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