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24 hour Party People

Get on the dance floor!

Sorry if my post today is a little bleary and incoherant. We were at an all dayer at the weekend and I haven’t quite recovered. Non stop partying from midday until the evening – the old bones can’t take it any more. It was non stop music and dancing. Drinks were splashed. One party goer was looking a little queasy at the side of the dance floor. Some people don’t know when to stop.

It took a while to get started. Nobody is really in the mood at that time in the morning but after a while the music got everyone up off their seats. It was certainly a lively atmosphere. Once it got going we barely stopped to eat.

It took me back a few years I can tell you. I even had two blondes vying for my attention. That hasn’t happened for a while. The worrying part was that my new boss was there. There was an unfortunate incident in the beer garden, which hopefully will not be mentioned again (although I hope he’s got something to remove the grass stains).

In truth I don’t have the stamina for all day parties. I was pretty relieved when it was time to go home and I could take off my heels and make myself a nice cuppa. Sorry, I know I’m letting the side down. I think at times I was born middle aged.

So how’s my head today, you say. How’s my hangover? What hangover?

I never drink at children’s parties.

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