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Effective Ways Of Studying While At University

When you move from school to university, the change in environment and learning style can easily catch you off guard, making it difficult to concentrate and learn.Without mum and dad breathing down your neck and ensuring you do your homework, your essays, coursework and research can easily go undone, leaving you struggling to keep on top of your work. So if you’re currently surfing the internet instead of writing your dissertation, here are some great ways to make sure you study and achieve your potential.

 Find out how you learn most effectively

The first thing to do is to find out how your brain learns best. Some people learn best from listening, others from reading and others from doing. By discovering which works for you, you can significantly increase your chances of learning success.Some schools and universities offer free tests, but if yours doesn’t simply have a look online for more information.

Have regular breaks

Concentrating is hard, especially if the subject that you’re studying is difficult to understand.And though many people feel that they should spend all day every day glued to their desk, in reality most people learn best in short sharp bursts.Try to plan breaks every 20-30 minutes and be realistic about how much you can get through in a day. It’s a lot better to learn part of your syllabus thoroughly than lots vaguely.

Ask for help if you need it

No matter how good you are at your chosen subject, sometimes we all need help and knowing when to ask for it is a big part of growing up. If you’re struggling with your dissertation or thesis, check out Ivory Research – their services provide dissertation help from start to finish, helping you to get the grade you deserve without the stress.

Reward hard work

University offers a wealth of opportunities, only a few of which are academic. If you spend your entire university career in the library, you’ll end up missing out on a lot of the most important experiences.So once you’ve learnt all you can for the day, put your books away and reward your hard work with a bit of fun.Having something to look forward to after a day of studying will boost your motivation and give you a much better university experience all round. 

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