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12 Rainy Day Activities For Your Kids

Entertaining kids when it’s rainy outside is a challenge that many parents know all-too-well. Finding activities that interest all the little ones for more than a few minutes seems more difficult than pulling teeth. Far too many parents and caregivers alike dread rainy days simply due to this challenge. Worry no more, as the 12 boredom busters listed below are great for kids of all ages.

1- Make Slime

Kids love playing with slime, but making the slime first is extra-special. It’s pretty easy to whip up a batch or two of slime, making it the perfect rainy day activity. You need ½ cup of clear glue; ¼ cup liquid starch; ½ Cup of water; and food coloring and other fun add-ins of your choosing. Pour glue into a bowl, add water and mix well. Add food coloring and the starch. You’ll notice that the mixture turns slimy. Continue stirring until the ball of slime forms.

homemade slime

2- Read Books

Children love books. Smaller children particularly love thick, chunky books with lots of colors and photos while a good storyline instantly captures the attention of an older child. Pick a few good books and sit down together to immerse yourself in an adventure. Make things even more exciting by acting out some of the scenes in the book.

3- Fashion Show

It’s time to raid the closet and put on a fashion show. Boys and girls can both put on their fashion show and walk the runway in mom and dad’s fashions. Have the camera ready and prepare for plenty of laughs along the way.

4- Make a Photo Blanket

Custom photo blankets are a great way to showcase memories, pets, adventures and more. Simply collect your favorite photos, upload them, pick your design, and you’re done! Photo blankets make a great talking piece – your guests will love it!

5- Build a Fort

Pillows and blankets make the best forts -and the fun that results once it’s built is perfect for a rainy day. Building forts provide the chance to bond with the kids and pass away the time when it’s raining outside.

6- Treasure Hunt

An indoor treasure hunt is an excellent opportunity to get the kids excited. Plan it right and an indoor treasure hunt can also turn into a fun clean-up activity and the kids don’t realize what’s happening. It’s a winning day for parents.

7- Play a Board Game

Chess, Checkers, Candyland, and Monopoly are a few of the best classic board games, but there are tons of other options. Sitting down with the kids to play a board game always leads to fun. There are hundreds of board games to pick from.

8- Draw

You can’t draw, you say? That is even more fun for a rainy day when you’re stuck inside the house. Tons of websites provide how-to instructions/demos. Get out a few sheets of paper and let the fun begin, even when stick figures are unidentifiable when you draw them.

9- Play Cards

Playing cards is another fun activity for children of all ages. Go Fish is a simple game for younger players while games like Rummy are fun for older kids. You can even play games like solitaire online.  If you don’t know how to play these card games or if the kids lack the skills, it’s a great time for everyone to learn.

10- Color

No matter how old you are, coloring is an activity that never goes out of style. Get out the coloring books or print off a few sheets from an online source. Grab the coloring pencils, crayons, and/or paints and sit back, relax, and enjoy each other’s company as you complete this activity together.

11- Play With Balloons

Balloons are inexpensive and sold at many party supply stores. Grab a couple of bags of colorful balloons, blow them up, and have a tennis match, a kickball game, or simply run through the balloons in a carefree manner. Balloons always bring fun to the day.

12- Make Tye-Dye Items

Tye-dye shirts, hats, bags, and other items are fun to show off and use, but they’re also fun to make. When it’s raining outside, bring the fun inside with this activity. A couple of boxes of Ritz dye and the items that you want to dye are all that you need to create tye-dye fun at your home.

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