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11 Small But Essential Details You Need To Get Right For Your Perfect Romantic Wedding

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It is often the smaller details that we remember most from our weddings. The special and intimate moments and the small touches make the whole experience more exciting and memorable. It is crucial to put thought into these moments and ensure that you and your partner have a day you will remember for a lifetime.

Planning a wedding can take time, and it can be easy to forget about some of the finer details. It may help to make a checklist for the larger preparation and the smaller details so that you can be sure you won’t forget or overlook crucial parts of either. Hiring a wedding planner to help you cover all your bases can also be invaluable.

The Chair Décor

The wedding chair décor can make the perfect final touch to create a magical wedding environment. Chair décor is often simple to arrange while adding instant visual appeal to the wedding venue. Swathes of silky material are often a great option to be artfully folded around the chairs, or oversized bows can add a playful romantic vibe.

If you want to go for a less conventional approach, making the chairs themselves a focal point of the venue décor can be a great option. You could look for chairs of various colors, shapes and styles that will add some unique character to the wedding itself.

The Cake Topper

The cake topper is physically small, but it often has significant meaning for the wedding itself. The cake topper you choose is entirely up to your own preference. Many people still enjoy the classic cake topper of a traditionally dressed bride and groom figures, but there are many new and novel options if you’d like something a bit different.

You could consider a cake topper in non-traditional colors – glitter or metallic colors are popular. You could also join the many couples who include others in their cake topper, with children and pets being the most common addition. And, of course, there are options for a bride and bride or groom and groom, among others, for LGBTQI weddings.

The Seating Chart

A seating chart is part of the wedding you’ve likely pored over a lot in the months leading up to the wedding. Deciding where to seat everyone can be a real challenge, and there are personal histories, tastes, and connections to consider. Once the seating chart is completed, it can be tempting to put it away and forget about it, but you mustn’t forget that it still has a significant role.

The seating chart needs to be displayed where your guests can easily see it and identify the table they are to sit at. You should ask your wedding planner about the options you have for displaying the seating chart and ensuring all the guests know where they need to be.

Flip-Flops For Guests

A great way to show your guests that you value their enjoyment of the night can be to provide flip-flops for anyone wearing heels. While heels can be fun to wear, eventually, they can get painful if worn all day. This isn’t ideal if you hope to dance the night away, so providing all guests with complimentary flip-flops when they get tired of their heels can be ideal.

The Wedding Invite Wording

The wording of the wedding invite is one element that couples don’t realize will be important until they’re already writing it. The wording will need to convey the right tone and suit who you are as a couple. Some people like flowery romantic language, while others may enjoy more playful, fun language.

Getting some inspiration and remembering all the crucial information that needs to be included can be helpful. To help you navigate the process, take a look at this romantic wedding invitation wording explainer from the experts over at Greenvelope.

The Ribbons For The Bouquets

Much thought is often put into the flowers and bouquets for the wedding, but people often overlook the ribbons that finish 

the look and hold the blooms together. Choosing a ribbon in a complementary color is vital, as is something that will be comfortable to carry all day long.

Some people make an even bigger deal about their bouquet ribbons, making them into a poignant keepsake. For instance, you could do this by having your and your partners’ initials, the date and the time sewn into the ribbon.

Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash

A Digital Wedding Album

Thanks to smartphones, there is the potential for countless photos from all angles throughout the day of your wedding. Talking to each guest and asking them to share their photos individually can be time-consuming, so you could consider putting together a digital wedding album that guests can upload their photos to quickly and easily.

Tools like Google Photos have the option to create an album that many different people can add to. You could display the link to access the album and ensure that you get hundreds of photos of the day and the many special moments in it.

The Photobooth

Photobooths are a great way to let your guests create memories at the wedding and provide you and your partner with plenty of extra photos. You could hire a pop-up photobooth, complete with props, to create some playful and fun photos to contrast with the more serious and romantic professional photos. Many pop-up photobooths for weddings automatically print two copies – one for the guests and one to add to your wedding memory book.

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The Signature Cocktails

Creating your own signature cocktails can be a great way to make your big day feel extra special. It can also be a great way to help you celebrate anniversaries, as you can mix up your wedding cocktails and be instantly transported back to your big day.

You could make one cocktail for the whole event or consider making a bride’s cocktail and a groom’s cocktail, which can be ideal for couples with differing tastes. It is a good idea to hire a professional mixologist to help you create the perfect cocktails and to mix them professionally during the event. Don’t forget to include mocktails on the list for anyone who doesn’t drink.

The Activities For The Kids

Kids are often an important and fun part of any wedding, but during the quieter and more serious moments, it can help to ensure there are ways to keep the kids entertained. This will help prevent them from causing a distraction during the ceremony or speeches. One of the best options is to provide crayons and coloring books to the kids in attendance, which is particularly helpful when everyone has to be seated for the speeches.

You could also set up some outdoor games so the kids can have fun while the adults mingle inside. A craft table for the kids can be another great option, and you can keep the finished artwork or crafts to make up part of your wedding memory book.

The Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are a time-honored tradition, and it can be tricky to find the right option. Deciding on a small gift that will suit hundreds of guests can be difficult, so you’ll need to find something unique but universally enjoyable.

Things like candy or chocolate can be a good option, but this can also present challenges with allergies. You could also consider something like flower seeds, with a note to encourage guests to plant the seeds and share pictures of the blooms as they grow.

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