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100+ Ways to use a Cardboard Box

100+ things to do with a cardboard box - everything you can think of from an ambulance to a zoo

It isn’t called Boxing Day for nothing. After a day spent opening lots of beautifully wrapped presents there is usually a whole pile of boxes to recycle. Rather than just disposing of them why not turn them into something fun to play with – children always prefer the box anyway! Here is a list of over 100 projects you can make using cardboard.

100+ things to do with a cardboard box - everything you can think of from an ambulance to a zoo

Of course you will need a few other things for these projects but you’d be surprised how little children need to do to a box to transform it in their minds. Really all they need is there imagination.

cardboard crafts

Ambulance from Taming the Goblin (at The Golden Gleam)

Art Supplies Sensory Box from Dirt and Boogers

Armoire from Mama Smiles

Astronaut from Mama Smiles

Activity Cubes from Gratefully Growing in Grace

cardboard crafts

Bus from Here Come the Girls

Boats  from Here Come the Girls

 Bridges from Red Ted Art

Bean Bag Toss from Dirt and Boogers


Canoe from Here Come the Girls

Cakes  from Here Come the Girls

Crane from Taming the Goblin

Castle from Red Ted Art

Castle from The Imagination Tree

Castle from SusanKMann

Car Wash from Dirt and Boogers

Car Wash from Taming the Goblin


Dolls House  from Here Come the Girls

Dolls House from Red Ted Art


Easter Wreath from Happy Hooligans

Easel from Maya Made It


Fire Engine from Taming the Goblin

Feed the Dog from Dirt and Boogers

Fridge from Mama Smiles


Gruffalo characters from Here Come the Girls

Greengrocer from Ikatbag

 Glow in the Dark Cave from The Imagination Tree

cardboard crafts

Hat from Here Come the Girls

Hen from Here Come the Girls

Hearts from Happy Hooligans 

House from The Boy and Me 

Hideout from Little Moments

Halloween Wreath from Happy Hooligans


Initial Ornament from Happy Hooligans

Ice Cream Shop from Childhood 101


Jungle from Nurturestore


Kitchen from Here Come the Girls

 Kitchen from Childhood 101


 Lawnmower from Taming the Goblin 

Lego Costume form Kids Activities Blog

 Laptop from Mama Smiles

Lacing from Happy Hooligans


Mr Tickle from Here Come the Girls

Marble Run from Red Ted Art

Marble Run from The Good Life Mum

Maze from Taming the Goblin

Mondrian Collage from The Imagination Tree


Nativity from Create With Your Hands

Nativity Scene from The Imagination Tree

Nativity from Rainy Day Mum

Nativity from Happy Hooligans

Name Puzzle from Happy Hooligans


Olympic Medals from Rainy Day Mum

Ornaments from Happy Hooligan


Police Car from Here Come the Girls

Puppet theatre from Here Come the Girls

Pencil Pots from Here Come the Girls

Pizza from FilthWizardry 

Pirate boat from Red Ted Art

Picture Frames from Happy Hooligans

Pirate Ship from Create With Your Hands

Pirate cutlasses from Create With Your Hands

Paint Pallet from Happy Hooligans


Queen’s Castle from Here Come the Girls


Robot Costume from Taming the Goblin

Rainbows from Happy Hooligans

Roadway from The Imagination Tree 

Rain Stick from The Imagination Tree

Robots from Red Ted Art

Rocket Ship from Filth Wizard

Robot from Nurturestore  


Slide from Here Come the Girls

Small World from Here Come the Girls

Superhero Car from I Am Momma Hear Me Roar

Space Shuttle from Mama Smiles

Sailing boat from Nurturestore

Shoelaces from Kids Activities Blog

Streetmap from Taming the Goblin 

Snowflake Ornaments from Happy Hooligans

Stables from Nurturestore

Superhero Play City from Alexander Residence

Sensory Cave from The Imagination Tree


Train and Tunnel from Here Come the Girls

Treasure Chest from Here Come the Girls

Treasure box from Nurturestore

Train from Nurturestore

Tunnel from The Imagination Tree

Town from The Imagination Tree

Tinkerbell House from Alexander Residence

Turkey Craft from Dirt and Boogers

Treasure Hunt from Dirt and Boogers


Ukulele from Make it-Love it

Underwater Aquarium from Nurturestore


Viking Longship from Kids Activities Blog

Viking Shield from Kids Activities Blog

Village in the snow from Nurturestore


Wreath from Here Come the Girls

Wreath from Happy Hooligans

World in a Box from Alexander Residence

World from The Imagination Tree

Washer Dryer from Mama Smiles


Xmas Tree Card from Red Ted Art


Yachts from Narnia from IkatBag

Yarn Wrapped Letters from PreKTweets


Zoo from Tangarang

If you love making things from a cardboard box then make sure you are following my Cardboard Creations Pinterest Board which has over 600 more ideas!

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